KOREAN Consumer Portal to Target Middle Eastern Market with gateway based in Dubai

KOREAN Consumer Portal to Target Middle Eastern Market with gateway based in Dubai

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AHGK, ICODA KOREA & CITI TELECOM UAE (Yo!Space) Sign Strategic Partnership to redefine accessing Korean Products online across MEA

Rising from obscurity 25 years ago, Korean electronics companies have come to own a significant share of the world electronics market today. SMEs play an important role in Korean Economy. According to business statistics, SMEs take up ninety-nine percent of number of enterprises, eighty-eight percent of total employment, thirty-eight percent of export, and fifty-one percent of added value.

The brainchild of Al Hermas Group Korea, “AHGK is to focus on redefining access to Korean SME consumer products online across MEA which is a sizeable market with unimaginable potential.” says Mr. Keunyoung Kim, Chairman of AHGK.
 At a recent official signing ceremony at KOTRA HQ in Seoul on 29thNovember2017, a consortium was formed between AHGK, ICODA and Yo!Space, to crystalize plans on

setting up a single gateway of Korean consumer products with a prime focus on MEA and the adjoining sub-continent.  This is a moment in history to be proud of and associated with as a Korean said Mr Yong Su Lee, President and CEO of ICODA.

“South Korean exports surged 35 percent on year in September 2017 to an all-time monthly high of $55.1 billion thanks to strong demand for electronic components, steel and petrochemical products amid recovery in global economy.

Mr. Keunyoung Kim, Chairman of AHGK says, “We believe bolstering exports by Korean SMEs is also crucial to overcome rising global protectionism and ease the tightened local labor market especially producers of cosmetics and other consumer goods, may find greater opportunities for increasing sales abroad through global online markets, which are projected to expand from $304 billion in 2015 to $1 trillion by 2020.”

Trade Ministry officials have predicted the country’s exports will rise 2.9 percent this year, following two consecutive years of decline on the back of a recovery in advanced economies and big emerging markets around the world.

“The advantage we see here is that decision-making by SMEs is likely to give them advantages in online deals. However, many small and midsized firms still face various obstacles to increasing exports through online markets, as they are not sufficiently prepared for marketing, delivery and after-sales service. This is where Yo!Space connects the dots to make this a truly unique online market-place, redefining access to Korean consumer products online,” says Deleep Paliyath, Co-Founder of Yo!Space International.

About Al Hermas Group Korea:


Al Hermas Group Korea is an investment and consulting firm based in South Korea.  We have extensive global network and long standing with global investment funds and banks. We invest across many industries sectors, including financial services, real estate, Hotel, Free Economic Zone, trading, commodities, resources and M&A. We created a unique networking strategy, focusing on passive and active lead generation. In addition, we created several qualification techniques to filter out less than genuine opportunities. By screening new contacts, we were able to work efficiently and aggressively. We engaged in even more alternative investments, succeeding as a consultant and investor. This gave us the intricate detail and experience associated with real transactions. Also, it gave us experience with transactions that didn’t go well.  We became successful in various investment markets. Our experience as an investor, consultant and trader set out to find the truth about the investment markets.

About ICODA:


An undisputed leader in the Korean Online IT space with more than 85,000 SKU’s and an annual turnover of more than US$180Million, it is the preferred choice of every Korean. The brand is home grown by Founder and President Mr Yong Su Lee whose philosophy and business ethics have a foundation of strong Korean values that has made it a company to reckon with in the new millennium.

About Yo!Space International:


Founded in 2003, A CITI Telecommunications International company Yo!Space has carved a niche for itself in the MEA region as the pioneers for brands seeking an innovative yet targeted market approach. With their Narrow-Casting philosophy coupled with Understanding Consumer Behaviour, Precision Targeting and Measuring Results with a 50+M crisp profiled database across MEA, Yo!Space has been a preferred choice of TOP brands.

About KOTRA:


Korean Trade Investment Promotion Agency is the primary body responsible to restore export volume of Korean Products by not only expanding support for promising export-oriented businesses, but also providing business consultations to produce other tangible benefits.

Carrying on with its role as the national investment promotion agency, KOTRA makes policy suggestions and truly serve as a global business platform for exporters in 2017.  KOTRA will stay at the forefront of overcoming the national economic crisis and take the Korean economy to the next level.

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