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QR CODES - What are they?

  • QR Codes are a brilliant Japanese innovation - YoSpace added life, color and brand elements to them.
  • Uniquely, they are far superior to standard barcodes.
  • Impress your network by including them in your business cards!
  • Cameras on smartphones, with the right app, simply scan them.
  • Keen to use them in your marketing? Then read on...
  • Research has already been done for you by Yo!Space
  • Examples of where you may use QR Codes to benefit your business are:
  • Stationery - Business cards, leaflets, brochures.
  • Put them on your shop windows, vehicles, equipment, outdoor media.
  • On-line too! Websites, blogs, social media profiles, posters for Movie Trailers
  • New marketing materials, including banners, should include QR Codes
  • Scan and your customers may quickly access information about your business
  • Can you afford not to follow large brands like Calvin Klein, Mc Donalds, Starbucks?
  • Only time will tell just how widespread they become but are you going to wait or innovate?
  • Demonstrate to your customers, and your competitors, that you're forward-thinking!
  • Experts in QR Codes are suddenly appearing. Careful though - remember the SEO Cowboys?!
  • So here's some QR news! We've begun to get designer QR codes to suit and integrate into your brand look and feel!...